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- Official route of stage 20 of the Tour de France updated (Col de la Croix de Fer).
- Optimized loading time of stages (up to -40%).
- Fixed: crash on 2nd August on the Tour de Burgos.
- Fixed: Tour of Turkey stage moved to following month.
- Adjustment to simulation for mountain stages (time gaps between groups).
- Update to race bonuses (points, mountain, time).

- Added the possibility to choose the frequency of falls in the game options (outside multiplayer).
- Increase the chances of mass falls.
- Correction to Default settings and choice of Pre-sets options.
- Correction to change of sound volume during races.

- Fixed: crash during simulation of days in Career and Pro Cyclist modes.
- Numerous corrections to the interface on pages using a resolution of 1440 x 900 (contract, Pro Cyclist, staff, registration, standings, development team, . . .).
- Corrections to the interface on staff management page.
- The scroll bars of the Pro Cyclist calendar are now clickable.
- Fixed: the time-trial pictogram was displayed on road race stages.
- The numeric potential of riders is accompanied by an explanatory text.
- Fixed: pressing the space bar inside a search box no longer generates an advance to the next day.
- Fixed: riders in Career mode no longer regress without an explanation.

- More candidates for the morning breakaway.
- Corrections to the "Follow" action in sprints.

- Display of team names in the results for clients of multiplayer games.
- Recovery of profile reactivated.

- The game is no longer blocked if not enough riders are scheduled for a race.
- The Pro Cyclist's team decides on a more realistic selection for the major tours.
- The training schedule is now updated according to changes in the race schedule.
- Fixed: the image of the rider corresponds to initial choice.
- Fixed: fatigue can no longer go beyond 100% and return to 0 in the interface.
- Once more, the Strategy menu carries explanatory texts to describe orders.
- It is now possible to choose one's starting potential in Pro Cyclist mode.
- Development teams are no longer accessible when a Pro Cyclist career is begun (calendar problems).
- 'Ncup' category races can only be simulated.
- Transfer and contract pages improved.
- Progression pop-up: the old and new levels are displayed, as well as the progression.
- Improvement to the initial downhill rating of the Pro Cyclist.
- More likely to progress on downhill rating with mountain and stage race training.
- Correction to the display of the Pro Cyclist's salary.
- Addition of an Injury icon to indicate that the Pro Cyclist is unavailable.
- Fixed: prize money not won several times (first races).
- Fixed: the Pro Cyclist's fitness is coherent with the fitness graph (season 2).

- Fixed: games no longer disappear from the Load menu.


- Opening of stage mode.
- Fixes on the gameroom creation.

- Fix training coach & specialisation crash in career mode.
- The Pro Cyclist's progression is slightly reduced.
- Fixes on the choose team panel and the custom team creation.
- Update on the ZLM Tour Team Time Trial in procyclist.


- Fixed disappearance of riders in accelerated mode (x8)
- New, better quality, dossard.
- Precompiled shaders added to speed up loading.
- Podium: The colour of dresses worn by hostesses adapts to the colour of each race leader's

- New routes for the Tour de San Luis
- New houses for the Andalusia region.
- Walls of Avila (Tour of Spain).

- Adjustment to the generation of attributes for young riders
- Finishing touches to past winners
- Past winners of U23 races are recorded
- Adjustment to Automatic scouting: more likely to discover very young riders.
- Possibility to "copy / paste" fitness planning between riders.
- Strategies are retained between two stages of the same type.

- Update of rider attributes after the 2015 Tour of Italy.
- New rider database in track cycling solo mode

- Ambient spectator sounds added