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-Problems with multiplayer stability fixed (including disconnections and crashs during the games, especially in stage race mode)
-Possibility to play custom tours in multiplayer mode, adding the stages in a new modding directory.
-Some interface and ergonomy changes in the Armada mode: stage race creation, level bar, information on custom stages, player automatic messages (loading complete, erroneous stages).
-Update on the playable stages in ladder mode.
-Missing textures in Armada collections fixed.


-It is now possible to control a rider with the keys 4 and 6 of the numeric pad, to force its trajectory in the peloton (collisions are less experienced by the player)
-Difficulty adjusted during the team time trials.


-Fix the crash occuring on the podiums and the end of races.
-Fix rider skin color on podiums.
-Fix infinite research for new equipments (wrong dates).

-It is possible that some equipment researchs are still erroneous on careers in progress.


-Major fix in RAM usage during race loadings
-High quality textures are now available again

-New Feature : New page for transfer negociations
-Fix crashes on 31/08 in 2015/2016
-Balancing simulations on mountain and hill stages
-Fix blocking news on R&D equipments & update interface
-Fix : some riders goning to retire were signing new contracts
-Update equipment page when a new research is launched
-Fix : values with 0 everywhere for new equipments.


-Fix final sprint problems (the followed rider does not change randomly)

-Prerace withdrawing is reactivated and fixed

-Added licence for Continental 'Area Zero Pro Team'

-Every fix doesn't imply to start a career over.


-Fixed major problem on transfers
-Fixed blocking bug at 1st January 2015 (equipments)
-Fixed the 31th August crash

-Correction on levels of freshness very low on some races, including the first races of the season.
-Correction of the minimum wage for custom teams
-Added race bonuses on race category 2
-Less news announcement about young riders who sign in pro teams.
-Removed riders in the shortlist with personalized team.
-Fixed various blocking news.
-Corrections on equipment sponsor offers.
-Transfers after October 25th are available
-It is not possible to renew a long contract anymore
-Riders no longer accept aberrant contracts, even without another competing offer.
-The rider's or sponsor's objectives are specified in the roster page.
-Fixed: Crash while unsubcribing to Tour of Portugal.
-Fixed: Riders not selectable in training stages while they are available.
-Fixed: Validation of riders for the world championship.
-Fixed: Incoherent text in the sponsor offers.

-Fixed crash on race (on loading or during the race)
-Fixed loading time on Tour of Oman 02 and 03.

-Reactivation of card sales.
-Fixed crash 'random' in the lobby.
-Fixed various connectivity problems.

-Fixed the startlist page (Gui 2014)
- Correction of the Armada results page.
-Fixed text colors on planning.

-Updating the graphic cards database.
-Warning message for unofficial databases.

-The give up option on the strategy page has been removed because they were causing major bugs in the rankings.

-The career started on version remain compatible, only if they do not exceed June 15th 2014 (game date). This is due to problems with transfers.


This patch includes fixes and update for the game release.

Updated stages 4 and 6 of Tirreno Adriatico
Updated Giro del Trentino : Teamtime trial
Fixed Tour de France podiums
Update "Route du sud"

Updated past winners
Adjustment of rider attributes
Fixed race calendar in career

Added spanish comments
Added german comments