2007 DB for CYM4 by JensTP

    • Cycling Manager 4

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    • 2007 DB for CYM4 by JensTP

      Download link for JTPDB07

      Due to popular demand I'll share my personal updated database. It's a work in progress though, so there are a few holes here and there (eg. lack of stat updates to minor riders)

      Acknowledgements first - or just one of those anyway: this is an update of RHW's 2006 database. I have changed a few teams and a bunch of riders as well as work over the stats matrix, but it is still largely his work, so credit is due.

      This is only a rider/team database based on the original local.cdb. That means there are no updates to jerseys, mini-shirts or rider photos. To use it simply move the cdb-file to the database/original folder

      The database features:


      Protour (Top Club):
      • Astaná
      • Caisse d'Epargne
      • Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team
      • Gerolsteiner
      • Lampre - Fondital
      • Predictor - Lotto
      • QuickStep - Innergetic
      • Rabobank
      • T-Mobile Team
      • Team CSC
      Protour (Division 1)
      • AG2r Prévoyance
      • Bouygues Télécom
      • Cofidis, le Credit Par Telephone
      • Crédit Agricole
      • Euskaltel - Euskadi
      • Française des Jeux
      • Liquigas
      • Saunier Duval - Prodir
      • Team Milram
      • Unibet.com
      Professional Continental (Division 1)
      • Acqua & Sapone - Caffe Mokambo
      • Agritubel
      • Barloworld
      • Ceramica Panaria - Navigare
      • Chocolade Jacques - Topsport Vlaanderen
      • Karpin - Galicia
      • Landbouwkrediet - Tönissteiner
      • Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni - Selle Italia
      • Team Wiesenhof Felt
      • Tinkoff Credit Systems
      Professional Continental (Division 2)
      • Andalucia - Cajasur
      • Benfica
      • Fuerteventura - Canarias
      • Ceramica Flaminia
      • Intel - Action
      • Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
      • Relax - Gam
      • Skil - Shimano
      • Team LPR
      • Tenax - Menikini
      Teams are given the licence registration nationality (i.e. Unibet is Swedish, Tenax and Panaria are Irish, LPR and Astaná are Swiss). Budgets are probably inaccurate, since I they are only loosly based on 2006 figures I had for some teams. Also, I lowered them in general since I enjoy that kind of game play more. (The range is 3 to 8,5 mil.)

      • Protour teams have a target number of 25 riders although most have more (and one has less)
      • Professional Continental teams have a target number of 15 riders. Again most have more and onlu one has less.
      • No available free agents at the start of season one
      • National championships updated with new rider additions
      • Attempts have been made to achieve a more realistic distribution of salaries
      • Compared to RHW's database stats have been changed to make for more realistic AI training in career mode.

      Recent comebacks Beloki and Jaksche have not been added, since I'm yet to see either race for the teams mentioned.

      Additional comments:

      Secondary sponsors have been modified only a little, seeing as a couple of them now are included in team names.

      Not much testing has been done to check realism of simulated results, but it seems decent at least (random effects still tend to be abundant). Game-play testing has not been done, since I was mainly focusing on simulation and career mode. There are a few stability issue as in bugs and crashes. Although it seems quite regular (transfer deadline and first time quitting the game after that crash) it also appears to be limited. (Otherwise I probably wouldn't be sharing :wink: )

      Suggestions for updates are welcome! Enjoy!
      [X] Erstma dor Klassenerhalt
      [ ] Nochema dor Klassenerhalt
      [ ] Dann oben ä bissl antesten
      [ ] Nu aber risch!
      [ ] 1. Liga
      [ ] EUROPAPOKAL!