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  • Cycling Manager 3

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  • Cym3 FaQ engl.

    Cym 3 FAQ

    There are already a lot of patches, but which one do we have to install?
    You only need to install the latest patch. At the moment the latest patch is version 1.3R3.
    You can download it here
    There where problems with youthclassement and transfers, are they fixed?
    That problem of youthclassment is fixed in patch 1.2r4 and transferbug is also fixed.

    Online playing
    I want to play online but how can I do that?
    There are 3 ways of doing this.
    1-You can play through gamespy (you can install it from your cym3 cd)
    2-You can play without gamespy but than you have to type in proporties of cym3 icon(so right mouse click, proporties, than you will find a place where cym3.exe stands there you have to fill in:
    --> if you want to join a game
    CyM2003.exe -join -ip IP -nickname \"NICKNAME\"
    --> if you want to host game:
    CyM2003.exe -host -nickname \"NICKNAME\" -num_max_player MAX -gamename \"GAME\"
    3-You can also play online when you download this nice little tool.

    If you want to play cym3 with gamespy and you have telenet please download these files first.

    Some general tips to reduce issues with gamespy:

    - Close all programs such as E-donkey or Kazaa. They take a LOT of bandwidth. If you use them while playing, especially when hosting a game, there will be a lot of lag and eventually some players will get disconnected.

    - Before starting a race, wait for all the players to be connected. Once the race has started, new players will take longer to connect and the host may lag (which in turn will reflect on all players)

    - If you have a firewall, open ports 17851 and 17853 in TCP, and ports 17852, 17854, 3033 and 3034 in UDP.

    - Remember to set your bandwidth in the game's internet options. It should be based on your UPLOAD limitations. In France for example, an ADL 512 line has an upload of only 64 kbps.

    - Try using the latest patch.

    no ladder play !!! :

    CyM2003.exe -join -ip IP -nickname "NICKNAME"

    CyM2003.exe -host -nickname "NICKNAME" -num_max_player MAX -gamename "GAME"

    In which folder do I have to put the databases
    You have to put them here: Cycling Manager 3\databases\custom

    Which is the best database atm?
    PPDB was the best database for the CyM serie in my opinion.

    What does PPDB mean?
    It is a project started by Pimmen, PlakkerNL, PHg and MM. They were trying to make the best 2003 carrier database.

    Graphical updates
    There are alot of graphical updates now, like shirts, minishirts, cars and so on, where do I have to put them?
    cars and service cars:
    Cycling Manager 3\Textures\Cars

    Cycling Manager 3\Textures\Cycliste

    Cycling Manager 3/GUI/Team_shirts

    Cycling Manager 3\Textures\b04_montagne\route_sol

    Cycling Manager 3\Textures\Podium

    Cycling Manager 3\Gui\cyclist_photo

    last km arrow:
    Cycling Manager 3\Msh\Blocs

    tourkits, vueltakits etc:
    Cycling Manager 3\Textures\Podium

    cycling manager 3\Gui\background

    I want to hear other songs, where can I put them?
    You have to put them in the folder: Cycling Manager 3\\Sound\\MP3

    Windowed mode
    How can I play in windowed mode?
    you have to press right mouse button, than you have to go to the target:"C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Cycling Manager 3\CYM2003.EXE" -windowed "

    Sites with cool stuff to download
    I'm searching for a good site to download shirts and so on?


    Can I change the division of a team?
    yes, you have to go to the editor and go to teams, there you can change the divisions.

    Can I create new riders?
    No, you have to change other riders.

    Exported results
    I saved my result, where can I find it?
    C:\\Program Files\\Cyanide\\Cycling Manager 3\\Exported results

    Saved games
    Where can I find my saved games?
    C:\\Program Files\\Cyanide\\Cycling Manager 3\\Database\\Solo

    When do I have to make backup of my game?
    When you play with new patch and when you want to reinstall cym

    I want to know my place at the worldranking where can I find it?
    The ladder you can find here:

    I got penalty's how come?
    If you don't play lets say a week, than you get - points, otherwise you wouldn't play further because than you could lose places and that is not the meaning of the ranking

    How can I make screenshots?
    Control + T, you can find the screenshots in the folder of cym3

    Are there tactics for cym3?
    Look at the tips and tactics forum, there you can find tactics.

    Few questions
    I want to make my own shirt,with what programm can I change shirts?
    adobe photoshop, paint shop pro 7

    Sometimes my pc crashes, what can I do?
    more ram, put you details at minimum.

    Can I do carrière as long as I want?
    Yes, but only I you don't go bankrupt

    How does it come that for example I finish 3th in a race and that my reader drops in the ucm list?
    That is because he finished better the year before

    What does texture details mean?
    that means how good you can see audiance, riders, trees, ...

    Can I have more sponsors?

    Isn't there a podium at the end, because I can't find it?
    It was the plan that there would be a podium included, but at the last moment it didn't go through, so no podium

    National championships and WC
    Which national championships are in the game?
    Belgium, France, Netherland, Germany, Spain, Italie

    Can I controll WCteam??
    You controll the country your team is from, so for example if you controll quickstep, than you will controll belgium in WC

    I downloaded cars and shirts, but they don't work?
    Download this programm: , and save the shirts and cars again, normally your problem wil be solved now

    Many downloads are in zip format, with what programm can I see them?
    You have to unzip with winzip that you can find here:

    With what programm can I open a .ace file?
    You have to use winrar, you can download it here:
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