Update n° 4 ( NOW LIVE


    - Correction: Cya World Tour teams absent from mid-season Continental races.

    - Fix: solved the problem which prevented control of riders during World Championships.

    - Adjustment: riders are more tolerant of their race schedule (and are therefore more easily satisfied).

    - Adjustment: evaluation of objectives by riders is slightly more optimistic.

    - Adjustment: during Tour de France summit finishes, points are doubled for climber standings.

    - Adjustment: bonuses and points scale for climber standings in the Vuelta.


    - Functionality: in a stage race, wearers of the distinctive jerseys start the race at the head of the peloton.


    - Fix: from start of second season, incoherent display of fitness on rider information pages.

    - Fix: change to ergonomics of the fitness schedule. Each addition/deletion of a race, change of priority or click on the "Reset" button regenerates a schedule best-suited to the objectives.

    - Fix: only one leader and one sprinter can be selected in pre-race orders.


    - Improvement: various adjustments to rider characteristics.


    Update n° 3 (


    - Correction: certain configurations could encounter random crashes while a race was loading.

    - Correction: rider rendered in black on podiums.

    [Gameplay/Race AI]

    - Correction: In certain cases, AI teams could let too many dangerous, morning breakaways get away at the start of a tour.

    - Adjustment: it is now a bit more difficult for morning breakaways to stay ahead of the peloton at the finish because AI teams try to reel them in earlier on.

    - Adjustment: at the end of a race, AI teams try harder to reel in morning breakaways containing many riders.


    - Functionality: added the possibility to edit fitness peaks of riders on the Objectives page.

    - Functionality: number of Scheduled Race Days added on the Team Schedulde page (resolution > 1280x720).

    - Correction: a crash could occur during the August « Protour du Benelux » race

    - Correction: a crash could occur during the generation of calendars or before the start of the Vuelta.


    - Correction: certain national championships (Germany, Denmark, Italy,...) could not be run as one-off races.


    - Functionality: added the possibility to race a tour with custom database.




    - Fixed : on certain configurations, there could be a random crash during the 3D race loading or at the end of a race.


    - Fixed problem: it's sometimes too easy to win with an outsider : you attack ; in the following group, everybody counts on the big favorite to work,

    but he doesn't want to work alone, so nobody works. The fix is : now riders attack in a group when nobody works!

    - Fixed problem: when an AI refuses to relay with a human raton, the player receive no information

    - Fixed problem: still some attacks of leaders on the flat before a climb


    - Fixed problem: it was impossible to renew our riders' contracts when our sponsor was still with us on the next year.

    - Fixed problem: bad trainer assignation (career table squad)

    - Fixed problem: empty list of rider prior to a 3d race or simu.

    - Fixed problem: young riders could have a bad specialisation


    - Fixed problem : it was impossible to view all the player's tours due to a missing component in the UI.

    - Fixed problem : filters with several attributes did not work properly.


    - Improvement : Adjustment to rider's attributes


    - Fixed problem: On stage 2 of Vuelta ciclista a Mallorca, there was a building across the road.



    - Improvement: Optimized loading time of the race.

    - Fixed possible slowdowns shortly after the start of the race.

    - Fixed memory leaks between races.

    - Fixed problem: when a rider enters the field of vision of the camera, for a few fractions of a second, he retains the animation he had when he left the field of the vision for the last time.

    - Fixed problem: when riders are waiting for the start of the race, we see them pedalling even though they are stopped.

    - Fixed problem: we do not see victory animations in replays.

    - Fixed problem: during the replay of the best moments of a race, bad rider animation at the beginning of each sequence.

    - Fixed problem: after the replay of the best moments of the race, riders have bad animations and the camera is badly placed. -> To avoid that, at the moment, the best moments run in a continuous loop.

    - Improvement: rider animations with long-distance camera when the "Limit animation display" option is unticked.

    - Improvement: new "aero" type helmets are only worn by AI riders during flat stages.


    - Fixed problem: a rider who is protecting another rider temporarily stops protecting when the pace suddenly quickens (he follows those who accelerate).

    - Fixed problem: climbers sometimes attacked on the flat before a climb.

    - Fixed problem: when a rider is protecting another, it is not easy to ask him to change the protected rider (you must first give a new order).

    - Fixed bug: the "+" ("More information") button is only partially clickable.

    - When a rider loses energy due to dehydration, the player is now warned: water bottles are displayed with a red halo.

    - In the list of riders, the name of the currently selected rider is shown in green.

    - Improvement: Disabled the possibility to sprint for a rider whose available power is not sufficient to trigger a sprint animation (avoids seeing one's rider sitting prettily when the Sprint button was pressed).


    - Improvements/Corrections: stage maps.

    - Improvements/Corrections: Schedule page.

    - Improvements/Corrections: customised team creation page in career mode.

    - Improvement: race loading page.

    - Improvement: sort on chronological order of races on the latest results page.

    - Improvement: retains sort when a message is deleted.

    - Fixed problem: bad rider roles on the pre-race page.

    - Fixed problem: country flag unchanged when choosing a world championship variant.

    - Navigation through messages with up / down keys.


    - Fixed problem: the accumulation of mails after several years of career could block the game.

    - Fixed problem: not possible to sign new contracts with riders when the accounts are negative.

    - Fixed problem: youth (U23) world rankings points were not displayed.

    - Fixed problem: image of partially succeeded objective.

    - Fixed problem: young rider wages were different from those displayed on the team creation page in a game with a custom team.

    - Fixed problem: rider information was not correct during contract negotiation.

    - Fixed problem: progression of rider attributes.

    - Fixed problem: objectives sought by sponsors were not changed after confirmation of the negotiations.

    - Fixed problem: riders reputation was badly initialized.

    - Added: game-over if you do not sign a new contract with a sponsor.

    - Added: sponsors withdraw their offers when confidence is too low.

    - Adjustment: sponsor is less severe when allocating the budget for next season.

    - Adjustment: less relegation clauses for AI racers.


    - Fixed problem: Returns after simulation are badly displayed.


    - Fixed problem: On stage 21 of the Tour de France, the actual finishing line was slightly offset from the one displayed.

    - Fixed problem: Podium positioned in vegetation: GP al Pais Vasco stages 3 and 5.

    - Fixed problem: Podium positioned in vegetation: Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

    - Fixed problem: Barriers badly positioned on stage 2 of Tour of Qatar.


    - Added: missing achievements.

    - Improvement : Adjustment to attributes.


    - Added: video capture possibility (CTRL + R).