• Patch #6 (


    - Fix: national jerseys did not necessarily match during the world championships.

    - Fix: recording of yearly rankings visible on the stats page no longer worked.

    - Fix: prevent a crash which could occur with badly populated custom databases.


    - Feature: addition of energy management with impact on performance levels.

    - Feature: addition of rider contracts

    - Improvement: date added for accomplishment of an Achievement.

    - Fix: accomplished Achievements remain displayed with the "success" pictogram.

    - Fix: when a player parted with a duplicate card, the remaining rider card(s) were shifted to another position/page.

    - Fix: once a collection of team rider cards is completed, the Team pack "Buy" button is immediately replaced by "100%" (without requirement to reconnect).


    - Fix: it is now possible to place route variants into the « My Documents » (Pro Cycling Manager 2012\Mod\Stages) directory rather than in CM_Stages


    - Update: New route for the 2012 Lombardia

    Patch #5 (


    - Major fix: Schedule/invitations for Cya World Tour races in season 2.

    - Fix: a bug could prevent a limited number of very good riders from joining a new team during the off season, therefore finding themselves without a contract.

    - Fix: crash which could occur on the Schedule page.

    - Fix: problem on the world championships time-trial (bad team controlled).

    - Fix: bug that prevented renewal of contracts for the next year (year + 1) when, in January of the current year, there were 30 riders under contract.

    - Fix: some fixes in Update 4 ( from did not fully take into account the fix to U23 races (the correct race profiles were missing).

    - Improvement: Cost of staff revised to avoid the financial imbalance which could be created with small and medium-sized teams.

    - Improvement: sponsor goals


    - Major feature: Collections

    - Feature: Added the possibility to play friendly races with a custom database.

    - Feature: Added the possibility to "sell" rider cards back to the server in exchange for Coins.

    - Functionality: Added wear and tear of equipment (only taken into account in races for ladder games).

    - Functionality: player rankings have been added showing progress of collections.

    - Feature: In the list of games, information added about the type of friendly race: terrain, distance, cobblestones, database (Armada Official or Custom)

    - Functionality: It is now possible to use a password to protect a friendly game.


    - Fix: the "alternative" races are now playable in stage/tour/classic and career modes.

    - Fix: various fixes to prevent possible crashes when starting the game and when accessing the "load game" page.

    - Fix: final race winnings were not paid on the Paris-Nice.

    - Functionality: It is now possible to use start lists (startlists) in Tour/Stage/Classic solo races.


    - Fix: update of two profiles on the Tour of Belgium


    - Adjustment: Some attributes tweaked

    Patch # 4 (


    - Functionality: Add the possibility to renew sponsors.

    - Fix: Fixed a bug that could prevent, in some rare cases, getting beyond the world championships.

    - Fix: Fixed several problems with U23 races.

    - Improvement: Custom teams with a small budget are now considered to be "Continental" teams rather than "Continental Pro".


    - Major Functionality: Official teams are playable in friendly mode.

    - Functionality: Races (except time-trials) can be speeded-up (x2 / x4) if a majority of players vote for it. Once the last rider has crossed the line, the race will end.

    - Functionality: It is now possible to play time-trial races. AI teams will not be present in these events, to avoid long waiting times.

    - Corrections to the chat.

    - Number of players connected is displayed and a small icon will show if a player is in a game.


    - Addition : Chapelle de Grammont added to "Isolated Buildings".


    - Addition: Possibility to zoom the profile during a race. (a left click on the profile causes a zoom of the selected section to be displayed on-screen. Move mouse to change zoomed view).

    - Addition: Colours added to race profile (in some menus, especially a zoomed profile) to distinguish differences in slope.

    - Correction: Sprint and attack distances of a leader were not displayed on the Detailed Simulation page.


    - Addition: Missing localisations added to Italian and Portuguese.


    - Adjustment: Adjustment to certain rider attributes.


    - Fixed a rare problem with a "server-side processing error" that could force a player to recreate a profile for each new connection to Armada.